A huge “great job” shout-out to Nathaniel, our developer, who worked on all of this for us! I’d like to point out that even though Nathaniel isn’t on site here with us, he does a lot of work for us. In addition to incorporating new features on our website, Nathaniel keeps the website in tip-top shape each month, takes care of website issues that occasionally surprise us and has done a TON of work to make our site more accessible for people with disabilities and challenges. Many thanks to Nathaniel!

~ Debra, Poudre School District

Nathaniel has proved to be a an exceptional, driven, productive, knowledgeable, flexible developer, he also happens to be a very nice person to work with.

Nathaniel is proficient in Drupal, PHP, SQL and Drupal module development and has a good sense of what can be provided by existing modules and what needs to be hand-coded. Directly from the start Nathaniel was able to be productive and add functionality to our site without the urge to rewrite existing code first. He incrementally improved the foundation parts over time, all the while adding new functionality.

His time reporting is excellent, providing us with a weekly list of activities.

His communication skills are excellent both in written and verbal form: planning and design meetings and email exchanges are efficient, productive and informative.

~ Andre

I can't recommend Nathaniel enough! Aside from being wonderful to work with, he was able to fulfill every technical need for our project. We are already in talks with him about some extra work and look forward to commissioning him for even more projects in the future.

~ Dalton

Nathaniel is wonderful to work with. He's knowledgeable, a great communicator, and is very helpful when questions arise. Highly recommended!

~ Monstro

Nathaniel has shown a tremendous ability to contribute in several arenas. As a referral partner in Burlingame BNI he has been exemplary in conduct and an inspiration to participate. Several of our members have positive feed back in dealing with Nathaniel and I've personally heard praises sung by other business owners who have used his services.

~ Ryan

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